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Malaysia's First Drive-Thru Commercial Centre
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A Commercial District Unlike Any Other In Johor Bahru
The integrated, multi-level, multi-access commercial building is in the position to set a new standard for shopping in Johor Bahru, with a level of comfort, luxury and ambience not available anywhere else in the city.
Convenient Parking At All Level
Every floor is being distinctively designed with comprehensive indoor parking spaces adopting a streamlined internal design in order to facilitate greater ease of vehicle movement and provide the utmost convenience for every shopper and occupant to the stores.
The Allure Of Al Fresco
Welcome and greet your guests warmly with impressive roof gardens and stunning, expansive views across Iskandar Malaysia’s major landmarks. Each and every experience is simply unforgettable and take their breath away every time they revisit your store.
Amazing Sky Dining Experience
Wonderful and relaxing ambience with comfortable and covered seating area where your guests can come here unwind and enjoy the awe-inspiring view of city’s skyline— a chic environment for unmatched dining, entertainment, and even the rooftop soirée.
Flexible & Spacious
Tastefully designed to optimize the multipurpose commercial space which can be used to accommodate generous number of vehicle spaces, pop-out stores and event of all kinds which makes it as a perfect venue for boosting your business.
Greater Sense Of Space
Adding a touch of modernity in a double-height mezzanine space to aspire and feast the eyes of every shopper that comes around. Seamless connection between space which reflected through the perfect cohesion of aesthetics and careful design considerations indeed to provide a perfect gathering spot for all.
Seamless Connectivity
With peerless connectivity to major highways and destinations in Malaysia and Singapore, ION AXXES has direct access to the Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine Complex (CIQ) of Johor and Singapore via Coastal Highway Southern Link (CHSL) which is expected to be completed by early 2017
Why Invest In CI Medini?
Medini is surrounded by catalytic projects that have the capacity to stimulate development, create jobs and improve transport and communications resulting in increasing capital appreciations. Furthermore, the above incentive package is unique only to Medini based on the fact that no other location in Malaysia has the privilege of these particular catalysts to entice investments. This distinctive opportunity has attracted multinational brands to create their presence in Medini and thus stimulating development which will result in population growth, additional jobs and business opportunities.

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Iskandar Johor's Premier Commercial Retail & Offices Project
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